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Midland Mainline Electrification – Bedford to Kettering

Our client needed to assess the clearance between the newly installed Overhead Line Equipment and Signal Gantries along the route.

Utilising our Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station we were able to rapidly survey multiple structures within each midweek possession where time was limited. A total of 18 structures were scanned and data processed to produce 3D point cloud models and 2D sections. The deliverables enabled designers to successfully identify clearance non-compliances along the route and plan remedial works.

Midland Mainline Electrification – Bedford to Kettering

Arden Surveys Engineers assisted in the successful delivery of the MML Electrification Project by dimensionally controlling the installation of CHS piles along the route, in addition, Arden Surveys completed track surveys, track monitoring, and Handback Engineering support.

Bridge Deck Fabrication

Our client required the precise setting of the Upper Bearing Plates prior to welding to the deck underside, the client did not have an in-house resource to complete this phase of fabrication process.

Arden Surveys Engineers dimensionally controlled the setting of the upper bearing plates for two U-Decks (8 plates in total), utilising appropriate survey techniques. The plates were successfully positioned within the required tolerances of +/- 5mm.